A peer-reviewed, biannual publication of the University of Illinois College of Law.

The Journal focuses on issues at the intersection of law, technology, and policy, featuring topics from fields as diverse as intellectual property, information technology, biotechnology, cybersecurity, telecommunications, patent law and privacy. The Journal is available in print, online by subscription, and is indexed by Hein Online, LEXIS and Westlaw. Distinguished academics and experts review manuscripts and interact with authors to produce exceptional and timely articles.

The online edition of the Journal immediately publishes accepted articles online as works in progress to expedite publication and receive additional comments from online readers. Recent Developments and peer-reviewed student notes supplement the Journal’s online content.


"My experience publishing with the University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy was very positive. The Journal is a great publication and a wonderful resource. I feel privileged to have been able to contribute to it." -- Chief Judge James F. Holderman

"The editorial team at JTLP were excellent. They conducted their work with quiet and respectful efficiency whilst giving me significant intellectual scope to complete my article as desired. It was a pleasant experience publishing with JTLP and I would certainly consider publishing with the journal again in the future." -- Dr. Mark Burdon

"I found publishing in the Journal of Law, Technology, and Policy to be uniquely gratifying. The double-blind peer review provided substantive commentary that allowed me to improve the quality of my paper immensely. The editors were professional and timely and provided critical corrections and edits." -- Samuel F. Ernst, Assistant Professor of Law, Fowler School of Law at Chapman University

"My experience publishing with the University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology, and Policy was wonderful. The journal is an organized and quality publication. I feel privileged to have been chosen for publication." -- Michael Park

"The JLTP editorial team was great to work with. They were determined to help me make my note the best that it could be." -- Angelica Nizio

"I had a great experience with the Journal of Law, Technology & Policy. I am very fortunate to have had my student Note published in such a respected publication. The staff at JLTP was easy to work with and did a fantastic job of providing suggestions and citation help." -- Andrew Nevill

Articles from our most current issue may be found here: Volume — Issue 2