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This online section of the University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy contains drafts of Articles, Essays and Student Notes that have been accepted for publication and currently are undergoing the peer-review process. Although these drafts may not reflect the content or form of the final publication, they are placed in this section to elicit feedback from the site's scholarly visitors. Comments on the materials in this section may be made by emailing JLTP directly.

Volume 2019 — Issue 1 (Spring)

"Cracks in the Armor: Legal Approaches to Encryption" by Olivia Gonzalez

“‘How Tweet It Is!’ : Have Twitter Archives Been Left in the Dark?” by Seemantani Sharma

"Semi-Secure Numbers? Augmenting SSNs in the Authentication Use Case"by Kathryn E. Witchger, Kevin Chen, Jon Song, Alex Wortman & Joshua Zweig

"Disclosing genetic test results to the patient’s relatives: How does the law influence clinical practice?"by Roy Gilbar & Sivia Barnoy

Recent Development:

“Science and Ethics of Algorithms in the Courtroom” by Kia Rahnama

Volume 2019 — Issue 2 (Fall)

“The Test of Inventiveness in Chinese Patent Jurisprudence: Recent History, Cases, and Analysis”

“More than a Game: Interactive Virtual Reality, the First Amendment, and Products Liability”

“From Industry Sandbox to Supervisory Control Box: Rethinking the Role of Regulators in the Era of FinTech”

Recent Development:

“Slamming the Brakes on AV Preemption”