The Journal accepts solicited and unsolicited pieces, except for pieces previously published. If a piece is accepted for peer-review, then the Journal acquires the right of first publication. The author may elect to have the piece immediately posted online as a work-under-review to expedite publication and receive additional comments from online readers.

The Journal publishes the following pieces on a rolling basis:

Articles: Articles are typically at least 25 pages long and can address any subject of the law, so long as there is a clear tie to technology. The Journal also welcomes empirical work. The Journal welcomes article submissions from professors, practitioners, and even students, so long as the material meets the level of quality expected from a premier academic journal.

Essays: Essays are generally shorter in length and range from 15-25 pages. Essays tend to have a narrower scope. They might focus on a niche section of the law or present a provocative theoretical problem.

Recent Developments: Recent developments address timely issues in the law. They range in length from 15-25 pages and focus on topics that are currently in the news. The Journal encourages recent developments on new issues that have not yet received extensive scholarship.

Timely Tech: Timely Tech is the online companion to the Journal. This exclusively-online journal publishes a monthly short article that addresses a cutting-edge issue in technology and the law. Timely Tech articles are expected to be approximately 2000 words in length.

Other Works: The Journal is happy to publish other forms of scholarship including transcripts of speeches and book reviews. Please email for further questions regarding publications of this kind.

Pieces and resumes in electronic form may be submitted through Scholastica (preferred) or sent via email to: If submitting by email, the phrase "Article Submission" must be in the subject line.

Hard copies are not preferred, please contact if unable to submit via Scholastica.

General Requirements

Font: 12 pitch, Times New Roman
Margins: 1 inch
Spacing: Double spaced
Length: At least 10 pages or 2000 words for Practical Pieces and Perspectives
Page numbers: Centered at bottom of page

Feedback from Past Authors

"My experience publishing with the University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy was very positive. The Journal is a great publication and a wonderful resource. I feel privileged to have been able to contribute to it."

James F. Holderman, Chief Judge, United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois

"The editorial team at JLTP were excellent. They conducted their work with quiet and respectful efficiency whilst giving me significant intellectual scope to complete my article as desired. It was a pleasant experience publishing with JLTP and I would certainly consider publishing with the journal again in the future."

Dr. Mark Burdon, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland - Australia

"I appreciated the opportunity to publish in a peer reviewed US-based journal. Happy to say something to the effect of the importance of peer review as quality control (which we have in Australia)."

Lyria Bennett Moses JSD, Senior Lecturer, The University of New South Wales

"I had a very good experience working with your journal. I found your staff to be courteous and professional."

Michael C. McNerney, United States Department of Defense

"I was published in the Fall issue of the 2009 volume. I found the editors and staff to be very professional and timely in their communications, and the editorial staff went above and beyond the call of duty in their citation review, with numerous useful suggestions for improvement. I also found the Peer Review process to be beneficial, and appreciated the effort made by the peer reviewer. As not all Law Journals provide this added service, it seems to me that JLTP may want to further highlight this distinguishing characteristic."

Frank Douma, Research Fellow and Associate Director, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

"I found publishing in the Journal of Law, Technology, and Policy to be uniquely gratifying. The double-blind peer review provided substantive commentary that allowed me to improve the quality of my paper immensely. The editors were professional and timely and provided critical corrections and edits."

Samuel F. Ernst, Assistant Professor of Law, Fowler School of Law at Chapman University

"My experience publishing with the University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology, and Policy was wonderful. The journal is an organized and quality publication. I feel privileged to have been chosen for publication."

Michael Park

"The JLTP editorial team was great to work with. They were determined to help me make my note the best that it could be."

Angelica Nizio

"I had a great experience with the Journal of Law, Technology & Policy. I am very fortunate to have had my student Note published in such a respected publication. The staff at JLTP was easy to work with and did a fantastic job of providing suggestions and citation help."

Andrew Nevill