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The Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy

The Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy (JLTP) is a biannual peer-reviewed law journal, established at the University of Illinois in 2001. JLTP’s mission is to publish pieces on new technologies that raise important policy questions in both foreign and domestic jurisdictions, and to discuss the laws, regulations, and policies that affect technological development and innovation.


The two issues per year focus on technological innovation, policy, and the field of intellectual property. Each issue features articles by professors, judges, and practitioners and student-written notes. Additionally, JLTP continuously publishes practical pieces and perspectives: short form works focused on recent developments at the intersection of law, technology, and policy. The collaboration of JLTP’s members, editors, faculty, and contributing scholars adds unique and diverse perspectives to the discussion of the legal implications of technology.


JLTP is available exclusively online in order to publish cutting-edge scholarly works through a continuous publishing schedule. JLTP is indexed by Hein Online, LEXIS, and Westlaw.

Volume 2023 - Issue 1

Current Issue

Malpractice by the Autonomous AI Physician
by Mindy Nunez Duffourc

AI is currently capable of making autonomous medical decisions, like diagnosis and prognosis, without the input of humans. Liability for this “practice of medicine” by an Autonomous AI Physician currently falls in a tort law gap when it cannot be sufficiently connected to humans involved with the AI because neither human-centric nor product-centric causes of action provide a mechanism for recovery. To fill this liability gap, this Article...

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Lawfare for the Future
by Braden Leach

Russia and China seek to alter the international status quo. While aiming to avoid full-fledged war with other great powers, they will take all measures short of war to increase their spheres of influence. This will include exploiting the United States’ strategic vulnerabilities, especially in the new frontiers of space and cyber. International law currently plays little role in these realms. While the US is actively developing its own...

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Unfair, Uninformed, and Undoable–Replacing Unenforceable Adhesion Contracts for Consumer Biometric Data with Uniform Standards
by Kevin J. Cassato

Biometric data is increasingly exploited by the private sector as companies offer convenience in exchange for consumers’ immutable identifiers. The contracts governing similar exchanges of consumer data are frequently unread by consumers and do not represent a meaningful opportunity for consumers to bargain for or understand their terms. Yet, this unconscionable exchange of data for convenience via adhesion contract has been blessed by the...

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Space, the Final Frontier: Navigating the Complexities of Commercial Spaceflight, Resource Extraction, and Colonization
by Matt Pascale

Space has long cultivated the human imagination. For eons, man has looked to it for guidance and inspiration. The earliest seafarers relied on the stars to navigate the Earth’s oceans; the faithful of many a religion beseeched the heavens for guidance; and the philosopher, the artist, the writer, and the poet looked to the endless sky for inspiration. As early as the 1800...

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About PP&P
Practical Pieces and Perspectives, previously Timely Tech, is the non-paginated companion to the Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy. Through Practical Pieces and Perspectives, JLTP publishes a monthly short article that addresses a cutting-edge issue in technology and the law. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.
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