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Editorial Board 2023–2024

Faculty Management Committee


Faculty Editors-in-Chief

Paul J. Heald, College of Law

Jacob S. Sherkow, College of Law


Journal Coordinator 

Molly K. Lindsey, College of Law



Student Editorial Board



Diana Sweeney


Managing Editor

Alec Klimowicz


Administrative Editor

Mariana Renke



Notes Editors

Lilian Alexandrova

Danny Donovan

Jared Merens


Production Editors

Tyler Goldberg

Tyler Rist


Associate Editors

Brittany Dinkins

Nick Gouverneur

Shyla Muralidharan

Yutai Qiao

Brittany Rivera


Articles Editors

Henry Brunngraber

Christian Hallerud

Rachel Magaziner



Internet & Recent Developments Editors

Rong Fu

Luke Nance



Membership Editor

Bryan Delgado




Jakob Bloomfield

Cade Bunton

James Chard

Dane Grounds

Seonki Jo

JJ Kim

Rema Kodaimati

Tristan Lynch

Shil Mehta

Kevin Meyers

Anxhela Ndrio

Joseph Park

Vinisha Prajapati

Matthew Schwartz

Katharine Sexton

Yunan Shi

Ashley Siwek

Jordan Stewart

Caroline Tabisz

Chris Truong


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