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JLTP is currently transitioning articles from our previous website to this updated platform, with completion expected by fall 2024. We apologize for any temporary inconveniences this may present. Our commitment remains to deliver an enhanced user experience and the highest standard of content. Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Submit to the Journal


Pieces and resumes in electronic form may be submitted through Scholastica (preferred) or sent via email to: [email protected]. If submitting by email, the phrase "Article Submission" must be in the subject line. Hard copies are not preferred. Please note that JLTP does not charge a fee for submissions, while Scholastica charges $10 for each submission. Please contact [email protected] if you are unable to submit via Scholastica.


General Requirements

Font: 12 pitch, Times New Roman
Margins: 1 inch
Spacing: Double spaced
Length: Varies, but at least 10 pages or 2,000 words for Practical Pieces and Perspectives
Page numbers: Centered at bottom of page


The Journal accepts solicited and unsolicited pieces, except for pieces previously published. If a piece is accepted for peer-review, then the Journal acquires the right of first publication. 



The Journal publishes the following pieces in biannual issues:


Articles are typically at least 25 pages long and can address any subject of the law, so long as there is a clear tie to technology. The Journal also welcomes empirical work. The Journal welcomes article submissions from professors, practitioners, and even students, so long as the material meets the level of quality expected from a premier academic journal.




Notes are at least 15 pages long and address any subject of the law, so long as there is a clear tie to technology.



The Journal publishes Practical Pieces and Perspectives as a non-paginated companion to the biannual issues, including:


Essays are generally shorter in length and range from 15-25 pages. Essays tend to have a narrower scope, focusing on a niche section of the law or presenting a provocative theoretical problem.



Recent Developments

Recent developments address timely issues in the law. They range in length from 15-25 pages and focus on topics that are currently in the news. The Journal encourages recent developments on new issues that have not yet received extensive scholarship.



Practical Pieces and Perspectives (Previously Timely Tech)

Practical Pieces and Perspectives include short-form works that address cutting-edge issues in technology and the law. These pieces are expected to be approximately 2,000 words in length.



Other Works

The Journal is happy to publish other forms of scholarship including transcripts of speeches and book reviews. Please email [email protected] for further questions regarding publications of this kind.

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